To Whom it may concern, 

First of all I have been coming to La Jolla Comedy Store for over 15 years and make it a regular place to come relax with friends.  When we started our company 3 years ago you were one of the first places we approached as everyone told us an app for you would be amazing! We spoke with Mike and Ryan who both were very excited about our idea and both loved the demo. Overtime I have checked in while I was watching a show or two just to see if there had been any more discussion of this. We very much appreciate you keeping us in mind as I know these things can take some time.

At UPG Mobile Marketing Group we can help you not only design a mobile app but develop a new mobile responsive website and any additional graphic work you may need. Most important we will be able to ensure that both your app and website are working together and the website is driving traffic to the app.  When people download your app they are 90% more likely to contact you within 24 hours.  The most powerful reason for the Comedy Store to have an app is to COMMUNICATE.  With PUSH NOTIFICATIONS they have a 97% open rate. That means when you need to fill up seats or sell more tickets, tell people about last minute Comedians etc your success rate will be much much higher. You guys do great at pushing your email list but before, during and after shows you should be pushing your mobile app! We can help you do it!

As a customer of yours my biggest complaint is that I don't always see the emails as I get so many. I would prefer a push note letting me know who is playing and what special offers are available. It would also be easier to share your app to friends who will be joining me as it has directions and ticket purchasing links.

Marketing Support For Your Comedians

One of the things Ryan, Mike and I discussed was the comedians themselves getting their own apps! The Comedy Stores reputation is helping develop and support local comics this could be a great element to add and set you apart even more. We at UPG could teach them marketing techniques and build them apps as well as sites to get them off and running. This could be a money making opportunity for us all, perhaps we could discuss a discounted rate to your comedians to make it affordable and appealing.

We recently began talks with Steve Rannazzisi in fact who loved the idea. We approached him after one of his shows at your the La Jolla location with Steve Simeone and showed him a demo app we made for him, he was amazed! 

I really think this could be a huge idea!

type code "iwonshiva" to see the demo we made for Steve!


Download the Demo App we made for you

1. Download Preview App Here from App store Apple or Android

2. Where it asks for email type "ljcomedy" 

3. No password needed

4. Hit "Next" and "Go" the app will open up and operate just as if it were live.

This is a demo we created about 2 years ago when we first spoke with Mike and Ryan at the La Jolla Comedy Store. We have a lot of great ideas as you will see by our app concept. You want the app to be engaging therefore you will find unique ideas like:

  • Purchase Tickets -Linked to Laugh Stub
  • Joke Recorder - Users can record Jokes and store them in app or share them with you or friends (Could create a competition for best joke submitted wins free tickets or class)
  • Joke Book - They can write down their Jokes
  • Rewards - reward users after multiple visits to Comedy Store
  • Podcast - We can integrate a podcast feed of what you guys put out (great way to drive traffic to app and keep people coming back) Could also dump in feeds of other comedians
  • Lol Flicks - We can feed in any youtube feed for video content
  • AROUND US - Cross promote local business (restaurants, bars, etc within app coupons or Dinner/Comedy Night specials)
  • Submit Photos - Have users share their Selfies with comedians with you to put in app and on social media or create contests with this
  • QR Scanner - Helpful tool (Just another reason users to keep app)
  • Tip Calculator
  • Book Us - Custom email form users can submit for VIP experiences or private parties perhaps..
  • Stay Connected - Users can sign up for your email list it will capture and dump automatically into your email system
  • OFFERS - This is where all the push notes will show up. Have users show these messages for discounted tickets etc. 

Power Point for you

Overview of what our app system will provide for you

Ticketing Solution

A major focus Ryan emphasized of this project was to help cut costs on a ticketing system. We spent that last week researching different systems and we feel this solution is the best one for the money.  The company is called Thunder Tix. They are the most cutting edge with the most features for the money we could find. 


Key Features:

  • Cheaper than Laugh Stab
  • Can integrate third party MERCHANTS such as AUTHORIZED.NET or Stripe as the merchant payment system (one of the cheapest newest systems available- we use and recommend to our clients is Stripe)
  • Mail Chimp Integration for email marketing (we discussed this as a good solution to save you money and allow unlimited email blasts)
  • Ability to use promo codes
  • Refund and Transfer Funds to other tickets on different nights
  • Embedable to website and mobile app
  • Upsell products (merchandise and upcoming shows) during the checkout process
  • Scannable tickets (we know that you prefer to do lists but in the future it is nice to have this ability)
  • Can sell tickets through Facebook
  • Ad placement on tickets (can cross promote local business such as a restaurant on the ticket: Money making opportunity)
  • DATA: Can import customer list, search clients, edit clients, and export client list
  • Custom Email Confirmation - Display upcoming events, allow social media sharing (Facebook like, share button etc)
  • BOX OFFICE Sales as well. (Use the same system online as you do at the Box Office so it is all in sync)
  • YOU OWN YOUR CLIENT LIST. THEY WILL NOT SELL YOUR CUSTOMER LIST (Ryan was saying Laugh Stub controls your list)

PRICING can be found here they have a tiered system based on the number of tickets you sell. Click here

My best guess is you would need one of two plans under Enterprise: Enterprise 1 or 2

I was told Laugh Stub takes about $3 out of each ticket so based on that this solution this would cut your cost in half. Pay only the tier plan each month and the merchant charge. STRIPE is what we recommend as the cheapest and most innovative (they don't charge a monthly fee only the usual transaction charge and percentage of sale)

STRIPE Rates are 2.9% and 30 cents per transaction.  (it says there is special pricing you may qualify for cause of your monthly volume)


Based on the constraints below I determined the following. 

Choosing Tier 2 $2,199 per month

STRIPE RATES: 2.9% and 30 Cents per transaction

Selling 10,000 Tickets in one month at $20 per ticket = $200,000 in total sales


$3.00 x 10,000 = $30,000 profit of only $170,000


$2,199 for the month

$3,000 To Stripe for Transaction cost of 10,000 tickets

$5,800 To Stripe for Merchant Fees

$10,999 Total Charge for sale of 10,000 Tickets

Total Savings over Laugh Stub $19,001. Over all costing you about a $1.10 per ticket sold.


2 Apps for $3000 and $150 per month +  2 Websites  $4,000 with Thunder Tickets Integration = $7000

This can be broken up over a few months if that is needed. We are open for discussion on this. 


Website $2000 each (not including hosting)

App $1500 each

$150 per month App maintenance for both. 

App Maintenance includes

  • Up to 1 hour of free complimentary changes per month on your app
  • Software/App Code updates (every time a new operating system is released or updated by Apple or Android we have to update the code and we will ensure your app is always working and current)
  • Apple & Android Licensing Annual Fees
  • Unlimited Push Notes
  • Analytics
  • Back Office to make changes on your own
  • QR Codes
  • and more..

Time Table

We can have the app and website built within 30-45 days. We pride ourselves on being efficient and not dragging projects out. As long as we can get all the needed content then we can get things rolling and done quickly. 

Feel free to contact me direct if you have any questions or would like to arrange a meeting.  Josh Millar (President of UPG)  858-568-8900 or email

I look forward to working with you guys! It would be a dream to help market my favorite Comedy Venue!