Monitor the Growth of Your App With Our Mobile App Analytics

Get up to the day analytics that tell you how many people have downloaded your Mobile App and how frequent they visit. The analytics will break down the number of iPhone, Android and HTML5 Mobile Website downloads per day, week, and month. By understanding the number of downloads you will have a better understanding of just who you are sending your Push Notifications to. This tool will also allow for accountability within your staff so you can monitor your marketing efforts.

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Downloads will give you an idea of the number of users who have downloaded the App and opened it for Apple & Android.

Total Sessions will give you an idea of how engaging your app may or may not be. If you have a high volume of "Total Sessions" that gives you an idea that the functions or buttons you have in your app users find useful.

Average Time will tell you the average amount of time, in minutes, spent inside the app for Apple and Android.  This will help you understand how engaging the content is.  Keep in mind apps generally are faster to navigate then websites so these times will be shorter in most cases.

Features will tell you graphically what the most popular Buttons/Features being accessed are. This data is important so you can ensure your directing clients to the buttons you feel are most beneficial.

Users will tell you the number of downloads broken down by country. This is especially helpful to monitor your brands global reach.

For your convenience we also offer a Mobile App, App Manager that will allow you to access and view this data from your iOS or Android device. To learn more click here.