Restaurants: Write This Down

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Restaurants are the most searched industry on mobile devices, according to a recent study performed by SinglePlatform and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey.

1,497 consumers with smart phones were surveyed and the study found that 81% searched for a restaurant on a mobile app, and 92% searched for a restaurant through a web browser. These restaurant searches out-performed all other searches of popular industries like entertainment, retail outlets and hotels. Think about it – most restaurant research is done last minute when you’re already out and about.

75% of consumers said they chose a restaurant based on their search results – so nearly all diners chose their restaurant based on the restaurant’s mobile availability, either through an existing app like Yelp, or because the restaurant had a mobile website or its own app. “The results of this survey clearly indicate the need for restaurants to ensure that their menu information is up to date across all online platforms,” Wiley Cerilli, VP and general manager of SinglePlatform said. Of course they do! We’re continuing to see the importance of having a mobile presence and restaurants that wish to stay relevant need to make sure they are well represented.

It all has to do with the options provided to the customer. Restaurants are everywhere, and because there are so many, consumers (rightfully) can to be more selective in where they dine. Having online menus within available apps and mobile websites can give a restaurant a clear advantage over its competition. It can also allow the restaurant to offer special promotions, offers and incentives directly to their customers, but also entice new ones.

More data compiled by the survey include:

  • iPhone owners are more likely to search for restaurants on their device.
  • 80% of consumers prefer to look at a menu online before dining at a restaurant.
  • 70% of consumers think it is important to read a menu on a mobile device.
  • 62% of consumers are less likely to choose a restaurant if the menu is not available.

Restaurants can no longer afford to not have mobile accessibility. It’s a must! Build an app, get involved in the ever-growing mobile industry and improve your business.

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