In 2016 Mobile Apps Will Be Ranked Higher Than Mobile Websites!

Google is Now Ranking Mobile Apps Above Mobile Websites

As you know when it comes to how people find what they want Google reigns supreme and when Google changes how businesses are found we all have to listen. Coming in 2016, Google will be changing how apps rank in their app indexing. It was recently announced app only content within Android apps could now be organized and ranked when searches are conducted from a mobile device.  

Since 2013 Google has been pushing the idea of mobile apps and they are increasingly finding ways to emphasize them.  Recently they changed the algorithm to favor mobile websites over then traditional non-mobile websites.  Those that did not have Mobile Websites saw there Google Search Rankings drop in favor of competitors with Mobile Websites.  While thousands of businesses are still scrambling to make this change over they need to also be looking at developing mobile apps and not be left behind.  

How will Google's App Indexing work?

If you were looking for a restaurant and typed in San Diego Micro Brews in the Google search bar, Google would suggest those Micro Brews with mobile websites first. What is changing is now with Google’s App Indexing it will suggest a Micro Brew with a Mobile app first over one with just a mobile website.  Furthermore, if you're on a website for a hotel and the company has a mobile app, Google will push the user towards the mobile app itself.

How Long is Too Long

Not only will the change in Google’s App indexing API share how long users are in the app, but also the amount of time spent within a specific page or section of the app.  You can be sure that with this kind of information Google will begin to rank the value of the app page or section based off the amount of time spent or frequency of visits.

Google Apps Maybe First

Being that Google has more access to the content of Android apps compared to that of iOS apps, Android apps may benefit more initially.   Google’s App indexing API will still be able to integrate directly with iOS app users so long as the developer makes sure to include this option for direct integration and communication.

Be Proactive, Stay Relevant

Short of it is that Google knows and believes Apps are preferred by users and therefore will suggest them first.  As a mobile app development company here in San Diego we have been preaching this for some time and now it is coming to fruition.   At UPG Mobile Marketing Group we can help you stay ahead of the curve with your own mobile app and keep your business rankings high and in front of those that matter most, your customers.