The Mobile Millennial take over

We're in the age of MOBILE MILLENNIALS. Corporate influence is shifting younger and younger as newer companies continue to pop up. A new study conducted by Google and ,research house, Millward Brown Digital, showed millennial influence is growing rapidly. According to the study 46% of potential B2B buyers are millennials. That’s a 27% increase from 2012. This change in buying power makes Millennia’s the biggest generational group researching B2B products for potential purchase.

Google’s director of business and industrial markets, Mike Miller, said “We saw a big shift in a two-year time span in the number of millennial that are in the B2B purchase path.” With baby boomers closing in on retirement and younger generations holding leadership positions, millennial influence is growing FAST. 

In studying the digital behaviors of those who participated in B2B buying decisions, Google found a shift in mobile usage. According to the survey, 34% of people involved in B2B buying decisions last year used their mobile devices in every stage of the transaction. That’s up from 18% in 2012. Miller suggested that the increase indicates that more B2B marketers are buying on their mobile devices, instead of just conducting research. This reflects on the enormous mobile market that continues to grow and impact everyday life.

Smart phones have out grown being used for just social interaction; it significantly impacts businesses decisions made everyday. Consumers are using mobile devices everyday for price comparisons, research and buying from retailers. Businesses and buyers are no different; mobile devices allow for research in any environment and instantaneous research and information.