Push Notifications

10 Reasons Why PWAs Are On The Rise

Up until a year ago it may have seemed impossible that something could replace the almighty native mobile app. However, it’s now becoming pretty clear that Progressive Web Apps are on the rise and native apps are on the way out.

Push Notes Are Key To Your Businesses Success

By now we should all be familiar with Push Notifications, if not you probably don't have a smart phone. Apps do not seem to be going away any time soon and Push Notifications are a major reason why. If you own a business or have a message you want to get across, you need to get a mobile app and see what the excitement is all about.

Push it!

Push it!

In-app notifications are being used a great deal, with 68% having enabled notifications for their apps, and 76% of the younger age range (18-34) having done so. The survey showed that 70% of consumers surveyed said that in-app push notifications were valuable to them, 43% of consumers said they were more likely to use a mobile app when push notifications were available.