10 Reasons Why PWAs Are On The Rise

Up until a year ago it may have seemed impossible that something could replace the almighty native mobile app. However, it’s now becoming pretty clear that Progressive Web Apps are on the rise and native apps are on the way out.

5 Ways PWAs Can Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

5 Ways PWAs Can Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Progressive Web Apps are an even better mobile marketing tool for small businesses than native apps, as they can be shared and used in seconds. Shareability has recently become a core marketing strategy for businesses big and small.

In 2016 Mobile Apps Will Be Ranked Higher Than Mobile Websites!

As you know when it comes to how people find what they want Google reigns supreme and when Google changes how businesses are found we all have to listen. Coming in 2016, Google will be changing how apps rank in their app indexing. It was recently announced app only content within Android apps could now be organized and ranked when searches are conducted from a mobile device.