MBA Banner & Sticker Printed


With the new app and "Think Local" campaign under full swing having some form of "in-your-face" marketing collateral was an absolute must. A fold away banner would not only help promote the mobile app it would also bring awareness to the Morena Business Association itself, of which currently had no such form of collateral.   

For local events we designed a 33"x81" Banner (printed locally) that can be displayed at Mixers, Events and Meetings. The banner promotes the app and includes the custom QR code we created that takes users to the iTunes App Store and Google Playstore.  At the top we have an insinuating call to action, "Connect with your Morena District Community" with the "Think Local" message further down.

MBA Window Stickers

Our MBA window stickers were recently completed and ready for distribution to the local Morena District Businesses.  Our first opportunity to display the Banner and present the Window sticker was at the Spring Mixer hosted by the Poseidon Project on March 18th, two days before this post.

The owner of the Poseidon Project, Nate posted the sticker right away on one of the many Beer coolers that house local San Diego beers.  Thanks Nate!