MBA Interview: Metro Cyclery

March's Featured Business of the Month

On March 1st 2016 we conducted our first Interview for the Morena Business Association Mobile App Project. We interviewed Bill Tracy the owner of Metro Cyclery. To prepare Bill ahead of time we sent our questions ahead of time and coached him so he would feel more comfortable before the shoot.  


To drive awareness while filming we Periscoped (Live Streamed) the event so viewers could see the interview process. We had 53 viewers sign in to watch organically.


It was a team effort:

  • Greg Lowe: Videography/Interview Editor
  • Darlene De La Paz: Interviewer & Script Writer
  • Isaiah King: Sound Recordist & Speech Coach
  • Josh Millar: Director/Producer & Visual Effects/Editor

Special thanks to a long time client of UPG "The Lyrical Groove" who was willing to donate the instrumental to one of there hit songs "Summertime".

Below you will see the interview video we put together