MBA Interview: Offshore Tavern Bar & Grill

April's Featured Business of the Month

For the month of April we chose a local restaurant to help celebrate the annual spirit of the Taste of Morena that occurs in April. Offshore Tavern Bar & Grill was elected as the featured business of the month, owned and operated by Leanne Attianese Offshore is the largest sports bar in Bay Park offering 32 Rotating taps, 21 HD TVs and an 1150 square foot covered patio, perfect for large events.  Leanne has owned and operated Offshore Tavern for over 4 years now but what many don't know about Leanne is how she became the owner of Offshore Tavern. 

“I’ve been at Offshore Tavern since the day we opened the doors. I bartended, then went into management where I worked my way up to G.M. then I bought it!”
— says Leanne, Current Owner of Offshore Tavern Bar & Grill

Leanne's story serves as inspiration to anyone that is willing to work hard from the bottom up, you never know, the next local Bar (Business) Owner could be the person busing your table!

Offshore Tavern was one of the early adopters of mobile apps having been a client of UPG since June of 2013 the Offshore Mobile App was been a favorite amongst customers who love the exclusive in-App Loyalty Program, quick access to Food/Draft Menus and much more.  For Leanne she says it has helped retain customers and bring in new ones.

For the MBA Mobile App Interview Leanne elected to have her General Manager Dan Shea talk about Offshore Tavern, the importance of community and why they feel it is important to be apart of the MBA App. At the end of the video Offshore announces the special offer they will be running exclusively in the MBA App! What an offer it is as well! You'll have to watch the interview to find out more right here...

32 Rotating Draft Selections. 21 HD TVS. Great Food.

1150 Covered Patio Space.

Download the MBA App for Apple or Android and get involved in the local community!