MBA Interview: Reusable Finds

July's Featured Business of the Month

For the month of July we chose Reusable Finds, a local store where 'vintage finds are transformed into new life,' is owned and operated by Stephen Mergener. By being resourceful and creative recyclers Reusable Finds is able to offer you great reclaimed goods and at the same time keep more unwanted items out of our landfills. At Reusable Finds they committed to diverting usable materials from landfills by salvaging, and refurbishing.

Reusable Finds is a company dedicated to salvaging materials such as furniture that has reached its usable life by some and giving it new life by repurposing them into other usable items.
— Owner

For the MBA Mobile App Interview Stephen sat down with us to talk about the importance of community and why he feels it is important to be apart of the MBA App. At the end of the video Stephen announces the special offer they will be running exclusively in the MBA App! What an offer it is as well! You'll have to watch the interview to find out more right here...