MBA Interview: The Russian Kettlebell Academy

August's Featured Business of the Month

For the month of August we nominated The Russian Kettlebell Academy, founded by 3 time World Champion Dmitri Sataev and his wife Elena Sataeva who is a 4 time World Champion. At the Russian Kettlebell Academy they are not your traditional gym they specialize in non-traditional physical exercises and events utilizing the kettlebell as a strength and conditioning tool. The Giri (kettlebell), when in the hands of an expert can demonstrate the unique power-potentials of man.

We offer strength and conditioning classes as well as run a non-profit organization where we train Wounded Warriors and Veterans. What inspired me to get into this was I always love lifting and always love coaching and I am good at it.
— Says Coach Dmitri
I absolutely love seeing the results of my work and its fun when somebody walks in out of shape and I get them back in shape, so I love to see the results!”
— Says Coach Dmitri

For the MBA Mobile App Interview Dmitri sat down with us to talk about the importance of community and why he feels it is important to be apart of the MBA App. At the end of the video Dmitri announces the special offer they will be running exclusively in the MBA App! What an offer it is as well! You'll have to watch the interview to find out more right here...