Professional Hair and Makeup Expo (PHAMExpo) is the ultimate event for savvy beauty professionals, students, and anyone interested in the latest trends for hair and makeup. With leading brands, the latest products, and the hottest new treatments under one roof, PHAMExpo is the best place to brush up on all things beauty.


As is the case with most annual events staying in contact with their audience and keeping them excited to the next year is a challenge. In the past PHAMExpo relied mostly on Facebook and other social media to re-engage. Another challenge for the PHAMExpo was to try and create more interaction during the expo between the expo-goers and the vendors there.


PHAMExpo contacted us to build a mobile application for iPhone and Android which would be used to communicate during and after the expo.  The Mobile App was created to put all things PHAMExpo at the finger tips of both the vendors and expo-goers.

Some of the instrumental functions of the mobile app included the following:

Push Notifications provided the ability to send out exclusive discounts and offers to expo-goers as well reminders about who was coming up on stage. The PHAMExpo featured two stages with guest speakers throughout the 2-day event, we were able to drive traffic to the stages by programing push notifications to go out 15 minutes before the scheduled time.  

The Expo Vendor Map was integrated into the mobile app providing quick one touch access to vendors.  Uses could click on an interactive map and see which vendor was at that location or they could view in  list form to quickly find out where that their favorite vendors were located.

PHAME Wall provided live realtime posts by anyone with the app. Users were able to post comments and or pictures about the expo as well comment on posts. A few vendors were able to post special offers during the show in this section which was a very creative way to market during the expo.

Events were created for the Master Stage, Focus Stage and Master Educator Classes in chronological order.  App users were able to add the events to their native calendar that alerted them when the event was about to start.  Users were able to post comments by clicking "Im Going" in these sections which helped create buzz.  

PHAMExpo Raw App Results

  • Total Number of Downloads for the PHAMExpo =  1,142
  • Total Number of Downloads During PHAMExpo  = 451
  • Total Number of Downloads Prior to the PHAMExpo = 675
  • Total Number of Downloads since PHAMExpo = 5

This study is from 6/1/15 (App Launch Date) to 7/1/15 and can be seen on the chart in Red.

The total number of downloads leading up to the PHAMExpo can be on the chart in Yellow

PHAMExpo occurred on Saturday 6/27/15 and Sunday 6/28/15 and the total number of downloads can be seen in Blue

Total Downloads

Total number of people who downloaded the mobile app on Apple & Android

Last 7 Days of Activity Snap Shot

Total Visitors to App (6/24/15 - 6/30/15)

Total number of people who visited the mobile app between (6/24/15 - 6/30/15)

Total Visitors to App

  • 1891 total visitors in last 7 days Apple
  • 465  total visitors in last 7 days Android

What features are they visiting?

Most Popular Buttons (6/24/15 - 6/30/15)

These are the most popular buttons visited in the PHAMExpo Mobile App in the last 7 days (6/24/15 - 6/30/15)

Most popular Features/buttons

  1. Expo Specials (1851)
  2. Main Stage (1,031)
  3. Focus Stage (764)
  4. About (702)
  5. Messages (662)

Where are they downloading you?

As expected the highest concentration of downloads came from the Los Angeles, CA area.

Downloads in other areas could be users traveling.

(The location is based on where they were when they downloaded the PHAMExpo app)

Media Used For Expo

Media Flyer

Facebook Header to Promote App