The Upper Level Spa opened its doors in 2007 to provide consistent, therapuetic treatments with top quality products.  Being the First Certified Estheticians in San Diego in the Art of Body Sugaring for over a decade, they have perfected this technique and their clients love the specialized approach for brazilian bikini and full body hair removal.


As is often the case with a newly opened small business organization, The Upper Level Spa found their brand was no longer growing as quickly, as both owners were too busy to focus on any form of marketing and had little to no technology know-how. Without consistency in how brand messages were being disseminated at the Spa level, limited social media, no email marketing and no mobile presence their identity was suffering and consumer loyalty was low.


The Upper Level Spa was in need of a stronger brand message improved marketing presence and new form of revenue stream to reconnect itself to its consumers. Founders Raunette Vaughn and Myra Aviles turned to us to lead all marketing efforts for the company, and we, in turn delivered a comprehensive marketing strategy that would deliver a strong consistent brand message on all forms of media and device types. To pull the brand together we revamped their web presence by creating a mobile responsive site that be able to be view on all device types and that provided an easy to use Dashboard where they could understand the analytics or make changes with no technology know-how.  We delivered a consistent message on all social media and created a weekly schedule with topics to post each day to increase awareness, while providing consistent fresh content each day. We introduced a revenue stream by finding a new booking system which would allow for an online shopping presence to sell product, a more robust booking system and easy to use customer management system with the ability to create discount codes to be used in our marketing strategies. 

To tie it all together a mobile app was created to increase brand loyalty, customer retention, improve the customer experience and most important a more powerful way to disseminate messages through push notifications and geo fencing. The mobile app included a New Client In-take Form, customer loyalty system, one click call, GPS directions, booking and shopping.  The loyalty system would reward clients with 15% off their next service or product purchase after 5 visits increasing the rate of return of new clients from Yelp, Spa Week and or Groupon.


Since The Upper Level Spa was in need of so many elements a strategy needed to be implemented.  A timeline was created prioritizing the elements that were the most important and least time consuming carried out first.  We knew the new Booking system and eCommerce system would take the longest so while that was being created we built the mobile app and website to be as time efficient as possible. Within 3 months all three would be completed and fully operational.


A strong consistent branding message was created throughout all the media.   All forms of media would carry the same message.  We also ensured that the Mobile App would be promoted throughout the website and social media to further emphasize the importance and value. All important messages about special events or discounts were sent out through push notes, social media, email newsletters and posted in the message bar at the top of the website.


To increase their mobile presence and brand loyalty a mobile app was created. Positioned as the most important tool to promote the brand the Upper Level Spa team made sure every client or potential customer they came in contact with downloaded their mobile app. Treating it like a digital business card they saw an increase in online booking and conversion as users that downloaded the app were 90% more likely to contact the spa to set up an appointment.


  • In-App Loyalty Program
  • Book reservations
  • Shop Products
  • Buy Gift Cards
  • QR Scanner
  • Check In to earn discounts
  • Loyalty coupon to earn discounts
  • Submit a photo of you
  • Push Notifications of Specials
  • Once click directions and call
  • Sugaring class schedule

Download on:  iTunes - Android



The responsive website we created adapts to any screen size therefore improving the customers experience and The Upper Level Spa's ability to get their message across.  We chose a design that features a landing page to highlight the two most important elements, the Mobile App and Booking Appointments. Once entering the site Booking and Shopping Cart links are highlighted and a message bar at the top of the site allows for us to promote special messages. 


In search of a more advanced booking system we helped The Upper Level Spa transition from Genbook to Booker.  We found the booker system had a very robust customer management system and we particularly liked the marketing tools provided including service/product discount codes and Mail Chimp integration. 


The Upper Level Spa sold products in store but did not have an online presence for commerce. After much research we decided The Booker System would also serve as the best eCommerce solution due to its robust customer management system and synergy with the Appointment Booking system.  We uploaded over 300 products with images and descriptions. The Booker systems marketing power allowed for us to create unique discount codes for individual products and packages we could promote them in our monthly marketing campaign strategies. By using the unique discount codes we could track the click thru rates. 


When we took over The Upper Level Spa they were not very active on Social Media and if they were posting it was from their personal accounts and it wasn't benefiting the spa's SEO. We created social media accounts for Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google+ and Instagram all under the business name with consistent brand messaging and graphics throughout.

By implementing a marketing strategy and creating a consistent message across all Social Media we brought The Upper Level Spa's Facebook from 110 likes to 447 in less than 4 months. We were able to integrate the shopping cart and booking system as direct links on Facebook to increase traffic by over 25%. 

To create more awareness for the mobile app a custom Facebook banner was created as well as a Mobile App video. Through these two elements we were able to increase the amount of downloads per week and further emphasize the importance of downloading the Mobile App. The Mobile App video gave The Upper Level Spa a video presence on Youtube that they did not previously have. You could now type in The Upper Level Spa in Youtube and the App Video would pop up helping to increase brand awareness.

Email Campaign & Blog

By creating an email marketing campaign we were able to emphasize and promote special events or monthly specials.

We were able to capture emails through three different channels including the Mobile App, Website and Booker System.  The email lists were broken up into these three segments so that we could  track and market to each opt-in segment independently. We found that users who opted-in through the Mobile App had an above average open-rate over 40% and were more likely to follow through on various call-to-actions such as Evites or Shopping Cart Discount Codes.

Consistent messaging was used on every email campaign to promote Booking, Shopping and the Mobile App.  Each one of these could be tracked and analyzed. 


To help improve SEO and customer awareness a strategy was implemented to post monthly blogs.  The monthly blog would highlight one service, product and beauty tip. 




I am a huge fan of UrphoneGuy. We had our app built in may 2013, it is our biggest marketing tool and an awesome way to track clients and send promotions. My customers love the loyalty reward system and the simple app booking system. They can even review us on yelp and ck in on Fb! it’s interactive and simple. I have had amazing customer service any time I reach out my questions are answered and explained in detail. I Highly recommend UrPhoneGuy for simple effective phone marketing services
— Raunette: Owner of The Upper Level Spa