To Prospective Client of UPG:
I am writing this letter of recommendation and referral for the UPG team. This past year, we worked with UPG to develop three apps for clients of Eurest/Compass Group (foodservice). Each of the apps required a different approach in regards to client relations and content. The UPG team were flexible and creative each step of the way.

One of the areas in which UPG exceeds my expectations is service level. Each team member responds promptly to emails and phone calls, and even more so, delivers results and follow up as quickly as needed. Their interaction is professional, yet comfortable. I was quite confident introducing Isaiah to a high profile client when the scope of our project expanded beyond the café app that was originally proposed.

Another area in which UPG excels is finding solutions. One of our clients was concerned with the security of their app. The UPG team appropriately educated us on the options available to balance security with functionality. UPG is constantly innovating to improve the flexibility in the app functions, which allows us to customize per project.

Overall, the UPG team effectively blends technical skills with creativity and client relations, resulting in apps that are ultimately better than the original ideas. I highly recommend UPG for other projects and would be happy to discuss further. Please feel free to call me at 312-692-9460.

Lisa Hollins
Project Manager
Eurest / Compass Group