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Applified Marketing Group LLC (AMG), previously known as the UPG Mobile Marketing Group, is a Mobile Marketing Solutions Company located in San Diego, California.  We specialize in affordable mobile solutions that will get you noticed and help you retain customers. 

Our mobile solutions include Progressive Web Apps (PWA's), Native Mobile Applications for Apple and Android Devices,  SEO infused Mobile Responsive WebsitesBusiness Marketing Strategies, Graphic Design and much more.  Before the iPhone and smartphone boom we were the guys who helped guide you into this exciting fast moving world of mobile.  Let us help your business reach its full mobile potential.

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Over 780 Million People Around the World are Mobile Only! That means no computer or laptop. Globally smartphones are cheaper to purchase and get access to the internet. THINK MOBILE FIRST!


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We Know, We've Built For Over 31 Industry's To Date & Counting!

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The Future of Mobile Is Around the Corner and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Will Be the Next Big Thing. Imagine customers being able to access your dynamic mobile app without having to download it to their phone. With a click of a link customers will have instant access without the hassle of downloading or taking up space on their mobile device. Breaking down the barriers to entry, PWA's offer all the engaging features of our apps, including push notes with none of the hassle.

Today if you don't have a web presence you don't exist!

Our goal is to create a website that makes sense to users and tells your story.  But there is more to it than just existing on the web, your website needs to be responsive, easy to navigate with brand synergy and strong SEO.

With an AMG website we give you the tools to succeed with easy access to make changes. Understanding your websites traffic is key and we teach you how to easily interpret your results so you can feel confident and in control.


Millions of sites around the world could start seeing a huge reduction in traffic from smartphones if they are not mobile and for some it has already begun!  Many are calling this "Mobilegeddon." We call it bad "Google-Hygiene." Read Full Story

Logo's, Business Cards, Flyers & More

We pride ourselves in being a "One-Stop Shop". When developing your brand we know that consistency and execution are both extremely important which is why we offer these solutions under one roof.  We can help you take your business from an idea to a brand with a strong identity.

Paving the Way for a Stronger Community Through an App!

The world has gone mobile and we believe mobile apps are a great tool to help small businesses and there communities build stronger relationships. The Morena Business Association embraced this idea and with the support of San Diego's own Mayor, Kevin Falconer and the Small Business Enhancement Program we are putting this concept into motion like nobody else has ever done before!

I met these guys filming in San Diego and was so impressed by their apps that I invited them onto my show. They develop Apps for various industries, but their bar app blew me away. I am confident these guys will be a great success and am happy to endorse them. If you own a bar or restaurant you would be making a big mistake if you didn’t check these guys out.
— John Green - Host of Food Networks "On The Rocks"