Loyalty has gone digital!

Out are those paper stamp cards in is what we call building “Mobile Loyalty”.  Traditional paper stamp cards can be lost or easily destroyed with our in app loyalty systems your clients can keep track of them on their own and unless they lose their phone or delete the app their progress will always be in the palm of their hand.

We have several “Loyalty” options, punch card, QR coupon and GPS coupon.  Each option has an array of parameters that can be set to such as duration, quantity and frequency (anytime, every hour, 2 hours, 24 hours etc).

Loyalty Systems

Advanced Loyalty

With our new advanced loyalty system users can earn points and unlock perks (special offers).  As perks are unlocked users can choose to "redeem" them or continue to earn points to unlock bigger perks.

To check in users must sign in through an email address or social media account so their points can be tracked and saved. To collect points the user simple hands their phone to a representative where a secret code is typed in to redeem the points.

For example:

At Sabuku Sushi users check in and earn 10 points at each paying visit and can unlock up to 10 perks. After they collect 25 points they can unlock a "Hot Sake" or they can save there points towards the next perk; a free Miso Soup after 30 points and so on.

Stamp Card

The stamp card system looks like a traditional stamp card system you may have seen at a sandwich shop or coffee shop.  You can set the number of stamps it takes to redeem a special offer.  Simply press “Stamp Card” and enter the 3-7 digit secret code you created.  Limit the number of stamps per hour or per day or not at all, reward clients for multiple visits or purchases its up to you!

QR Coupon

The QR Coupon is our newest design. Instead of a 3-7 digit code, you actually have a secret QR code that our system will help you generate. Print out the QR code and have your clients scan it.  The benefit of this system is your clients can scan it themselves and you don’t have to grab the customers phone to punch in a code.  Currently we have implemented this system in coffee shops, restaurants, event venues and bars.

GPS Coupon

The GPS Coupon allows clients to checkin when they are in a certain designated geographical location.  Just like the systems above once they checkin a certain designated amount of times they can redeem their coupon

Professor Urminsky of the University of Chicago said a strategy built on mobile apps to reward loyalty — in essence, “a loyalty platform rather than an isolated loyalty program” — opens new possibilities for small businesses. “If it’s used wisely,” he said, “I think it will be a game changer.”
— New York Times