Your customers want it


Mobile apps dominate data usage. Currently 55% of all Internet usage in the US comes from mobile devices, 47% of that comes from mobile apps. Your customers have begun to expect the convenience mobile apps bring such as one touch, 24/7 access to food menus, appointment booking, loyalty programs, catalogs for shopping, your music, locations and that’s just the beginning.  

Sessions in shopping apps on iOS and Android increased by a whopping 174% year-over-year. On Android alone, the shopping category increased by 220%.
— Flurry Analytics

Get your message across

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Mobile apps allow your business to send push notification, or direct messages, to your clients. These messages can contain deals, coupons, new inventory, general information or a canceled appointment.  Push Notifications have a 97% open rate, take a fraction of the time as email campaigns and are more effective.  

survey showed that 70% of consumers surveyed said that in-app push notifications were valuable to them, 43% of consumers said they were more likely to use a mobile app when push notifications were available
— global-marketing company Responsys

Mobile users buy


Did you know 94% of all mobile searches are for local businesses and 70% of those customers are likely to contact you within 24 hours? Smart Phones are right now devices and your customers use them when they want to take action. Mobile apps allow you to be ready when your customers are by only being one click away. 

67% of tablet and smart phone shoppers only use apps from their favorite stores

Increase Growth and Retention

Web sites can get attention but mobile apps create quality retention.

Using loyalty programs and exclusive deals your app becomes a VIP card customers can share with their friends and family. Apps are a digital word of mouth that allow your business to keep the conversation going. 

Social Media isn't what it seems to be

All those ‘Likes’ don’t add up to real fans
— Facebook Executive

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