APPlify... Solutions! Messages! Rewards! Shopping! Booking! and more!


Why Mobile Apps?

Offers Delivered on Mobile Devices Have 10x the Redemption Rate Over Traditional


Affective Target Messaging

Our Unlimited Push Notifications are GPS enabled which means you can target your audience increasing the follow through rate!  We also now offer "Segmented Messaging"  where your clients can opt-in to receive messages from the "Topics" you create such as events, specials, alerts and more.

Building Loyalty Shouldn't Come at a Cost!

With our customer loyalty system you can create custom rewards that your clients will love! Unlike other reward systems out there this one is 100% free!  Your ideas. Your Values. Your Rewards.

Booking Smarter

Booking an appointment should be convenient, we can help you create a simple booking system that will help increase your customers rate of return. If you need something more robust we can easily integrate your existing booking systems API so you don't miss a beat. 

Make Shopping a Breeze

Today's shoppers are mobile which means your store should be too!  With potentials buyers all over the world using apps, a mobile shopping cart is a must have!  We can integrate your current favorite shopping cart system or help you create a new one.

Take Your Business Viral!

Your customers love to talk about your business so don't make sharing your business a barrier to entry.  In one click of the "Share" button users can share your app by email, sms message or blast it on their favorite social media platforms!

The Best Way to Share...

Business cards aren't always convenient. They cost money, get lost, can't be tracked and most importantly you can't contact someone with your card.  Your app contains your entire business with contact information and analytics. It is always with you and the best part is you can re-engage users with push notifications!