Your Success Is Our Success

At UPG Mobile Marketing Group, we help you get started with proven marketing concepts that we have developed with our clients.

Be Your Own Fan
First and foremost make sure you and all your staff have the app, understand it and know how it is going to benefit your clients. If you aren’t a fan how can anyone else be?

Cover Your Bases
Make sure all of your marketing materials inside your business and outside are promoting your app! Starting with your business cards and website.

Be Social
Make sure you have all the correct social media and they all are regularly creating buzz about your app! Pick a feature each week and talk about it!

You must execute! Follow through and be consistent. Offer every time and reward those that do! Create incentives for staff and have fun with it!

Think Outside The Box

Custom all aluminum welded TV stand created by our client, John Koehler (Sculptor and Custom Fabricator).

• 32inch TV Turned Vertical
• Screen Shots of Mobile App
• Electricity

If we have learned anything over the past 12 years of working with Mobile it is DEMO, DEMO, DEMO! Looking for innovative ways to promote our business at Conventions and Street Fairs the Demo TV was born. With great success we now could display our apps on a massive 32inch display and demonstrate what we are all about. Seeing is believing!

Our Commitment
The Demo TV was such a success we thought why not roll this concept out for our clients to benefit from so we started to rotate it from one location to another and watched their downloads increase over 500%!

What People Say
Customers find themselves drawn to it, which is just what you want. It starts the conversation and entices them to check it out. Many will find themselves touching the “buttons” as it looks like a giant Phone. A few of the comments we hear when people first encounter the TV demo include:

“Is this a phone?”
“This is really cool, I didn’t know you had an app!”
“I thought this was a touch screen!“

If you can afford the space we recommend it and we know just what to do to get you going. So let the fun begin!

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

This is your number one marketing tool, make sure people see it. When a client walks into your location there are several points of contact. Business Cards, Front Doors/Entry Ways, Hostesses/Servers, Bar/Table Tops, TV’s, Menus, and Bathrooms at some point during the clients visit they should be made aware of your App and its importance but it all comes down to execution and follow through!