📬 What Are Push Notifications?

If you download and use mobile apps, you’ve definitely seen these messages. Push notifications are instant alerts that show up in real time on a user’s mobile device to communicate a small message. You know those pop-ups that show a red number next to your mobile apps? Yup, those are push notifications! These notifications are being used by a large variety of businesses to improve customer communication with great success.

According to global-marketing company Responsys, surveyed 1,200 adults and discovered that six out of 10 adults have downloaded apps from their preferred brands. Of those, seven in 10 have enabled push notifications for those apps. When a younger set of people were surveyed, those percentages grew.


Survey Says...

According to the survey, users enabled push notifications for the following reasons:

  • 44% to keep track of orders
  • 38% to review and manage accounts
  • 36% to access brands on the go
  • 34% to receive notifications in real time about sales and availability
  • 31% to look up inventory
  • 29% to stay up to date with products and services
  • 28% to receive location based notifications
  • 25% to better their website experience

Stats Tell The Tale

In-app notifications are being used a great deal, with 68% having enabled notifications for their apps, and 76% of the younger age range (18-34) having done so. The survey showed that 70% of consumers surveyed said that in-app push notifications were valuable to them, 43% of consumers said they were more likely to use a mobile app when push notifications were available.

The statistics don’t lie. Push notifications are a huge part of apps and mobile marketing now, and businesses should take note. This means huge return on investment for small businesses!

📬 Push The Difference...

  • Unlimited - Send As Many As You Like
  • GPS Enabled - Target Geographical Areas
  • GEO-Fencing - Create "Message Zones" Learn More
  • Segmented/Subscription-Based - Users Choose Type of Messages They Receive
  • Send Right Away or Schedule Them in Advance
  • Can Post on Social Media (Facebook/Twitter)


Send GPS messages to your customers whenever you would like using our easy to use content management system. You can send a message within 10 seconds or choose to have a message go out on a certain time and day with the ability to focus on your target area by specifying the GPS area.

IT'S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3, 4

Step 1–Create Your Message

Create a message for your clients to receive. Choose to have the message go to Android, iPhone, Facebook and or Twitter users. This page will also log all previous messages sent and show messages scheduled to go out.

Step 2–Choose Your Audience

Target your audience. Choose to have your message go out to everyone or focus on a certain targeted area. If you own multiple locations you may want to send a special message for one location and a separate one for another. When you choose your targeted area the map will show just how many iPhone and Android users you are reaching out to.

Step 3–Customize Your Template

Create custom notifications where you can build custom templates with images, include website links, or link to certain tabs within your app.Example Restaurant: Promote an upcoming event being hosted in your location such as a live band or happy hour special and instantly send to everyone with your app.

Step 4–Send It Now Or Schedule It For Later

The final step you decide when you want your message to go out. Either “Send Now”, which goes out in less than 5 seconds, or you can choose to have the message go out on a desired date and time.


Segmented or Subscription-Based Push Notifications are more affective because they allow users to choose the type of messages they receive based on the topics you create.  By allowing user to choose the type of messages they receive you are increasing the open-rate and efficiency of the message you are delivering. Users are also more satisfied with these messages as they are topics they are most interested in hearing about. 

Common Segmented topics might include: Special Offers, Tips/Advice, Event Reminders